Customer Communication Management

A powerful and interactive tool every company needs, in order to personalize its outbound communication with its customers and gain real-time feedback from their experience. This interaction can take place through a widespread range of media and output, including e-mail, documents, SMS and web pages. Strengthen your connections with your clients and communicate with them directly!

CCM key features:

  • It helps your customers to Optimize – Personalize & Automate their Communication with your company.
  • Gives the opportunity to our customers to manage easily the complexity of data driven communication.
  • Provides a Modern & Streamline Communication Experience to consumers.
  • Real time advertising and business opportunities by upsell and cross-sell methods by using data driven messages & promos
  • Distribute communications across all channels like mobile, PC, tablet, social media, email & web

The Service delivers personalized, connected, and compliant omni-channel experience to your customers:
  • e-bills & e-statements
  • Welcome Kits
  • Personalized videos
  • Complain management documents
  • Contract Management documents
  • Insurance Policies
  • Digital On Boarding 


Mobile Advantage

Our low-code digital experience platform enables institutions to develop personalized mobile and web experience that are fully integrated with core systems and aligned with non-digital communication channels.

We make available a ‘plug-and-play’ SDK, managed directly by business–users, to power up personalized content and interact in real-time with end–consumers, on your native mobile apps or website.

Set up your mobile game quick & easy!


The Value of using CCM services

  • Speak with your customer in Personal (using Data Driven personalized communication)
  • Speak with your customer with ONE voice (providing streamline communication with same look & feel)
  • Create new business opportunities (using upsell and cross-sell targeted promos)
  • Provide unique user experience (using latest technology in Digital Marketing)
  • Save In-house operational costs (reducing significantly software development and data management & back office effort)


Customer journey mapping / Listen to your customers’ voice!

Customer journey map is a step-by-step illustration of how your customers interact from any point of contact with organizations. Journey maps highlight customer needs, technical obstacles and emotions throughout every interaction. 

Actionable maps incorporating:

  • Customers’ viewpoint and perspective
  • Customers’ feedback and artifacts that bring the maps to life
  • Ownership and accountability for each step
  • Data from other systems that bring analytics into the maps


Digital Onboarding

A solution especially designed for Banks, Insurances, Utilities and Telcos. The Digital Onboarding of a new customer with our solution becomes a unique customer experience. By applying truly customer-centric design methods compliant to e-IDAS regulations and KYC & AML rules, the process becomes as easy as possible by reducing the effort required to apply and sign up. Some of the features included in our solution are:

  • Video Identification
  • Facial recognition
  • One time or up to 5 years certificates
  • e-IDAS compliant solution (QES, AES, HTML5)
  • Advanced User Interface providing unique user experience

Loyalty Platform

Create and manage personalized loyalty programs to build stronger relations with any audience.
The Fidelio Loyalty Platform is a comprehensive, state of the art system, which allows the creation of successful loyalty shemes. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, it utilizes advanced commercial analysis and targeting mechanisms to help identify individual patterns within the client’s shopping carts and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.

  • Increase sales: Drive repeat purchases and boost revenue growth
  • Reduce Marketing Costs: Reach customers through multiple channels
  • Fully Customizable Rewards: Reward your loyal fans with discounts, vouchers, and reward items of your choice
  • Customer Insights: Understand customer behaviour and adjust your offers accordingly with full analytics capabilities
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns: Promote your offers with targeted marketing campaigns via email, social and push notifications
  • Go Mobile: Improve your mobile presence and engage customers wherever they are
  • Advanced commercial analysis through operational research techniques


Digital Payroll

Creating the right information in a Payslip has never been easier. We handle everything for you from start to finish so you can focus on what you do best…running your business.

Our paperless option allows you to send out all the payslips to your personnel in a fully automated manner. 

Key Characteristics

  • 100% paperless
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Dynamic HTML content with the capability of message communication
  • Ease of access through SMS communications and/or push notification
  • Tailor made mobile app enabled
  • Ensure communications and payslip delivery with an omnichannel approach

We handle it all for you…There’s no software to install on your end.

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