Digital Customers’ Onboarding

Through its Digital Onboarding Solution, INFORM offers end-to-end services to large institutions such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Telecom Operators etc. to onboard new customers or update customer information, remotely through digital channels and without the need of physical presence in-store or in-branch.

INFORM’s Digital Customer Onboarding Solution orchestrates a frictionless and engaging end-to-end onboarding journey, from ID Verification to KYC/AML and agreement/contract digital signature. It provides a single platform for organizations to onboard customers easily and securely using the comfort of their smart device or of any digital channel.

Our solution is modular and is offered through Software as a Service, to provide high availability, security and scalability. It offers integration with customer systems through mobile and WEB SDK, and RESTFUL API services for backend integration.

The major solution components are:

  • Product Origination Flows through Dynamic Orchestrator tool.
  • Video based ID verification, biometric match and liveness check according to eIDAS and Bank of Greece Regulation.
  • Selfie based ID verification, biometric match and liveness check.
  • Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) platform to support KYC & AML process.
  • Trusted Authority services for the issuance of Qualified Certificates and Advanced Digital Signatures.
  • Issuance of Disposable Qualified or Long Term Qualified Certificate One time or up to 5 years certificates.
  • Integration with back end systems and eKYC service


Some of the major features of INFORM DOB solution is Client centricity, Simplicity, Instant gratification, efficiency, omni-channel experience but also compliance and security, since the solution is compliant with eIDAS directive and certified by the respective country accreditation bodies in Austria, Germany and other EU countries, according to local legislation. On top, INFORM’s remote ID verification solution is compliant with Bank of Greece’s Executive Committee Act 172/1/29.05.2020.

INFORM DOB solution covers the complete Digital On-boarding life cycle and is a modular solution enabling the design and execution of any desired customer journey.

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