Digital Onboarding

Create, personalize, & optimize customer lifecycle communications at every stage

Customer onboarding plays a key role in determining the relationship with your prospects and existing customers and it is a critical part of the customer journey. It sets the tone for the entire relationship going forward. Every customer’s onboarding journey is different but there is one demand in common: fast and flexible interactions with the institutions.

INFORM’s Digital Customer Onboarding Solution orchestrates a frictionless and engaging end-to-end onboarding journey. It provides a single platform for banks, insurances and utilities to onboard customers easily and securely using the comfort of their smartphone or just go online from any given web browser.

Digital onboarding of a new customer with our solution becomes a unique customer experience. By applying truly customer-centric design methods along with e-IDAS certificates, the process becomes as easy as possible for the customer, reducing the effort required to apply and sign up. Some of the features included in our solution are:

  • Video Identification
  • Facial recognition
  • One time or up to 5 years certificates
  • E-IDAS compliant solution (QES, AES, HTML5)
  • Advanced User Interface providing unique user experience

Engage consumers & businesses

If new account openers don’t engage in the first 30 days, they probably never will. Use the platform to motivate customers to use services like online and mobile banking, automatic payments, direct deposits, eStatements, cards, and more. Become their primary financial institution.

Expand existing relationships

When customers and members turn to your institution for additional products and services, they’re more profitable and likely to stick around. Use the platform to deepen relationships. Access best-practice campaign templates and deliver personalized, targeted offers that convert.

Educate & maximize satisfaction

Enrolling in digital services is one thing, using them regularly is another. Create campaigns that educate people and businesses on how to use all of the cool features that you offer like online and mobile banking services, peer-to-peer payments, and remote deposit capture.

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