Document Management & Archiving

We support customers to digitalize and archive their physical documents of any format. The service is provided either as an on-premise solution or as a cloud service. The documents are indexed for easier retrieval and may optionally be time-stamped and digitally signed for compliance purposes. The retrieval of the digital copy, may take place via an online or an SFTP interface.

Document Management Platform

The product is used for managing all workflows and documents in internal communication. Paper Document filling and e-Document filling, approval workflows and archiving.

  • Business Process Modelling tool allow the business users design the business workflows with low-code approach.
  • Native workflows ensure proper routing of documents, enforced approval policies and greater transparency into how processes are executed.
  • Automate invoice processing with broad ERP integration: Our solution integrates with all the market leaders in ERP section.
  • Document data extraction using market-leading cognitive capture technology, resulting in more accurate financial data and reduced risk of errors.
  • Paper digitization across the whole data processing life cycle


Data Management & Analytics 

Integration with our customer’s data sources is an everyday business for INFORM. Our expertise is to manage Βig Data. We create customized software solutions in low-code platforms in order to manage data from multiple data sources with different type of inputs and outputs.

We manage data ‘On the fly’ or ‘In Batch’ processes, integrate web services, trace the data over the web, create call to action processes, maintain data sources and create custom software for our clients under a secure and highly trusted business environment.

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