Dynamic and Interactive Communications – Make the most out of your Bills & e-statements

A powerful and interactive tool every company needs, in order to personalize its outbound communication with its customers and gain real-time feedback from their experience. This interaction can take place through a widespread range of media and output, including e-mail, documents, SMS and web pages. Strengthen your connections with your clients and communicate with them directly!

key features:

  • It helps your customers to Optimize – Personalize & Automate their Communication with your company
  • Gives the opportunity to our customers to manage easily the complexity of data driven communication
  • Provides a Modern & Streamline Communication Experience to consumers
  • Real time advertising and business opportunities by upsell and cross-sell methods by using data driven messages & promos
  • Distribute communications across all channels like mobile, PC, tablet, social media, email & web

The Service delivers personalized, connected, and compliant omni-channel experience to your customers:

  • e-bills & e-statements
  • Welcome Kits
  • Personalized videos
  • Complain management documents
  • Contract Management documents
  • Insurance Policies
  • Digital On Boarding

Mobile Advantage

Our low-code digital experience platform enables institutions to develop personalized mobile and web experience that are fully integrated with core systems and aligned with non-digital communication channels.

We make available a ‘plug-and-play’ SDK, managed directly by business–users, to power up personalized content and interact in real-time with end–consumers, on your native mobile apps or website.

Set up your mobile game quick & easy!

The Value of using Dynamic Communications services

  • Speak with your customer in Personal (using Data Driven personalized communication)
  • Speak with your customer with ONE voice (providing streamline communication with same look & feel)
  • Create new business opportunities (using upsell and cross-sell targeted promos)
  • Provide unique user experience (using latest technology in Digital Marketing)
  • Save In-house operational costs (reducing significantly software development and data management & back office effort)
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