Electronic – KYC & KYB

eKYC and eKYB (Electronic Know Your Customer/Business) is the remote, paperless process that minimizes the costs and traditional bureaucracy necessary in KYC/KYB processes.

INFORM’s Powerful Know Your Customer/Business Engine provides fully unattended Know-Your-Customer (KYC / KYB) process automations through AI with verification and data extraction for any ID, tax, corporate or utility document and powerful person’s liveness and biometrics.

The solution addresses the KYC/KYB Documents’ recognition and OCR that offers Automated data capture with algorithmic data validation and self-learning features for:

  • Commercial Agreements
  • Transaction Documents – Invoices
  • Legal and Loan Documents
  • Digital Onboarding docs (ID, Passport, Tax Doc, Utility bills,
  • Unstructured Documents such as pay slips, legal documents for corporate customers, tenancy agreements, e-invoices etc.


The solution offers features such as:

  • Auto-document identification through Advanced Self Learning techniques based on AI
  • Ability to extract data via OCR (with or without user marking info area) from supplementary onboarding documents, since the system automatically understands fully captured documents
  • ICR Support even in the Handwritten Greek ID document
  • Greek Language support for all type of documents
  • OCR support in App: The platform is offered as an API addressing any mobile or web app need and providing flexibility in the customer journeys.
  • Integration with GOV.gr eKYC service and combination of services for maximum efficiency and accuracy of the KYC process.
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