Intelligent Chatbots Journeys

Ai.melia Chatbots (INFORM’s Chatbots’ family) are simply software tools that simulate human conversation – written or spoken – for the purposes of delivering a service or experience. INFORM’s Chatbots are easily scalable to manage Customers’ requests (External) or Employees’ requests (Internal) with instant responses and boost customer/employee satisfaction through various integrations with 3rd party systems like our powerful OCR engine, our Document Management system, eSign Platforms, Robotic Process Automation solutions etc.

The following entails the Benefits of Chatbots for businesses:

Save Time and Money

Chatbots automate conversations that would otherwise need an employee to handle. As more visitors flock to your website, the number of your inbound messages may grow by leaps and bounds. Instead of having your representatives spend scads of hours answering queries, you can deploy a ChatBot and get the same work done more efficiently.

Order without human help

Businesses can leverage Chatbots to automate bookings of orders and appointments so that customers can instantly book from the website or Facebook page

Generate Qualified Leads

Chatbots use appropriate questions to gather the right kind of information needed to filter out unqualified prospects. This way your sales representatives get qualified leads without answering the same set of questions over and over again.

Guide Users to the Right Source

Your visitors may not always know the right place to find information. In fact, they may not even be certain of what exactly they are looking for. Chatbots can accomplish such tasks very well. They can ask the right kind of qualifying questions and route users to the appropriate place, be it a product page, a user guide or the career section of your website.

Create a 24*7 Support System for your Customers AND Employees

Your customers/employees may expect a reply within a few hours of posting the query. However, most of the brands typically take up to 10 hours to respond. With Chatbots, someone is there to answer their queries when none of your representatives is active. What’s more, Chatbots offer instant answers even during emergencies!

Ai.melia solutions offer dozens of drool-worthy features:

  • Powerful NLP

Our Chatbots have exceptional NLP capabilities to understand the context of what has been written or spoken. So, they get the right answers even for ‘no-so-right’ questions.

  • Omni-channel Capability

Our bots are capable of seamlessly integrating across multiple digital channels, be it social platforms, mobile apps or web apps.

  • Integration Capabilities

Our Chatbots can:

  • Provide unparalleled OCR services in Greek and not only, language through our Powerful OCR Solution,
  • Provide robust eSign capabilities,
  • Unlimited Integration capabilities through the connection with Robotic Process Automation tools
  • Be easily integrated to your CRM optimizing the workflow inside your company.
  • Multilingual Capabilities

Equipped with advanced multilingual capabilities, our bots let you cater to a diverse audience.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Our Chatbot solutions minimize the need to hire support agents, and, therefore, are cost-effective in the long run.

  • Real-time Analytics

Our future-ready Chatbots go beyond creating an immersive user experience. They offer discerning user analytics in real-time, a prerequisite for running your business successfully.

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