Loyalty Platform

With INFORM’s Loyalty Platform you can map your customers’ journey, engage with them in all sales and marketing channels, reward loyalty and predict future buying behaviors.

A loyalty program is about more than points and rewards. It is about understanding what drives your customers to engage and repeat purchase. Access all the features you need to easily design and test a fully customized loyalty program that will connect and accelerate your existing marketing efforts.

Get to know your customers

Create unified customer profiles based on all stages of the customer journey. Gather and consolidate diverse high-volume data, such as demographics, transactions, campaign interactions, online behavior and more, into a single customer view.

Increase engagement

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time via personalized campaigns. Choose the best channel – email, text message, push notification & Chat Bot – craft your campaign and gain insights into its effectiveness via detailed reports.

Reward your customers

Gain repeat customers by identifying their real needs and maximizing their satisfaction. Reward them for in store and online purchases, special events and actions throughout the customer journey.

Forecast future shopping behaviors

Implement our advanced lead scoring to predict future customer behavior and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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