Omni-Channel Surveys

INFORM’s main goal is to enable you to Listen to your customers and Make customer-centric, data-driven decisions.

Through INFORM’s Omni-Channel Surveys, you will be able to:

  • Gather customer feedback from the beginning of your journey, let customer experience guide your contact centre innovations.
  • Evaluate the loyalty of your customers as you introduce digital channels, roll out new products or implement workforce engagement initiatives.
  • Put service recovery in place to catch frustrated customers before they churn. Happy customers cost less to serve


Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Holistic & Unified

Uncover blind spots with a holistic understanding of all forms of solicited and unsolicited feedback.

Customer Journey Based Design

Connect disparate VoC programs using our best practices Customer Journey based program framework & services.

Superior Analytics

Leverage deep and actionable insights with AI-based analytics portfolio superior in capabilities and market share.

Real-time actions

Act in real-time on feedback and empower front line employee engagement and performance.


Gain agility with a true self-service solution that meets the requirements of all organizations, from small and midsized businesses to the most complex enterprises.

INFORM’s VoC Solutions go beyond just surveying customers directly. We are able to capture feedback practically any place where most companies would find it these days – for example social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), online reviews (e.g. Trustpilot), and communications channels (e.g. Slack).

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