Paperless Branch Concept

In this era of social distancing practices and reduced branch opening hours, combining the relative qualities of a high-tech approach, including the convenience and cost savings of digital channels, with the personable and emotional support of a high touch interaction is invaluable.

it is advisable, however, that organizations should look at ways of going paperless without going people-less, as humans still provide an essential component to banking, especially when customers require answers to questions, or want an error to be rectified.

INFORM through its extended product portfolio in the Digital Transformation sector offers an end-to-end solution for the deployment of a Paperless Branch concept through which the organization can benefit by lower storage costs, paper and printing savings, reduction of operational expenses, instore mobility and enablement of 24×7 self-service operation.  

INFORM’s holistic approach for Paperless Branch, offers the necessary self-service kiosks which are based on an advanced signature pad with camera which has a combined use by enabling Customer photo capture, OCR scanning of the ID and KYC documents of the customer & electronic biometric signature. The solution can be combined with the automated selfie-based verification but also with the video based solution from within the kiosk using INFORM’s agents, as a fallback solution, as well as with INFORM’s or the organization’s document management solution to enable electronic archiving of documents and thus quick retrieval and comparison with old documents.

Additionally the solution facilitates instore mobility, since it can be offered directly through the agent’s mobile device and use the embedded device camera for capturing the ID and KYC documents and the device touch screen for the biometric signature capture.

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