Who we are

INFORM is a group of companies that work seamlessly to provide services and products of Information Management and processing in paper as well as digital documents. With more than 120 years of history in the field, INFORM enjoys a reputation of reliability, trust and innovation with its customers across 12 countries.

The Group has been instrumental in shaping the printing market in Greece and the ways in which companies and government manage their records and relations with their audiences. INFORM has pioneered the introduction of technological breakthroughs by aiming to optimize its range of solutions and services that support clients’ competitiveness and growth. With its impressive track record of successfully integrating new methods, means and materials in information flows across Europe, INFORM actively shapes the development of the data management market.

What we do

INFORM offers solutions and services that are based on advanced technological platforms and address sector and company needs. We go to extraordinary lengths to support customers in achieving their goals through the high quality of our products and services. The group stands among the pioneers in the data management market. Our reputation has been tried and tested in the most sensitive areas of private and public sector activity. INFORM is considered a trusted third party, offering unsurpassed quality to its customers. This trust gives us an ideal and singular competitive edge in the Greek market.

Our mission

To lead the market development, which lies at the intersection of Graphic, Information and Communication industries into a digital transformation era. We are committed to the long-term prosperity of our stakeholders with responsibility and care towards society and the environment.

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