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We offer physical and electronic archiving solutions, supporting our clients to obtain measurable and sustainable results and to grow their business through technology. We help companies organize their documents and information. Our team provides the support needed to execute and support a document management service plan that increases productivity and saves time, resources and money for any company.

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We support companies by providing complete services for automating the processing of archives, data and physical and electronic documents. Our solutions and services are complementary covering the entire flow of data and documents held and circulated by a company. With 2 offices, two centers of excellence in electronic archiving, in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest and 3 accredited data centers, we cover the processing needs of companies from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

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In the process of looking for a job, young people can discover a lot of internship programs and internships with us. We also frequently post positions for all levels of experience in physical and electronic archiving.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007


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Check out the jobs openings below to see what positions are available. You can apply by sending your CV to, mentioning in the subject the role for which you applied. The representatives of the Human Resources department will contact you after evaluating your profile.

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