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Predictive Maintenance

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Energy Control

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Document management

Document management is the process of supervision and active control of documents, which includes their creation, organization, use, disposal and destruction, when they no longer have historical or other relevance.

Document management is a basic component of a company specialized in Archiving Services. The management, maintenance and storage of documents must be organized in such a way as to strengthen customer confidence.

Document management within the public or private system does not only refer to the correct attachment of documents, but is also  an active process based on which the need for access to information is supported.


  • Work together on documents  and share knowledge
  • Exchange information quickly and in a traceable way
  • Comment on a document or post replies to comments
  • Mention colleagues in a comment and refer to a post
  • Subscribe, share, and filter relevant topics as needed
  • Assign permissions and lock documents during editing
  • Control changes and flows in the company
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