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Optimize your business processes with archived digital documents

The Nextdocs digital archiving area is tasked with helping you develop archiving policies that could be automated in order to reduce the cost of long-term storage of your digital content and facilitate storage for disaster recovery.

Scanning and indexing documents are not themselves activities that constitute digital archiving. Simply storing electronic documents in a document management system cannot also be considered digital archiving. All of these, however, can be classified as starting activities  if you want to have a compliant digital archive.

For digital archiving to be included in your company’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) efforts, it should be properly embedded in BCDR policies. All information management practices throughout your organization must be formally listed and evaluated in order to be qualified in that mentioned program. Without proper coordination of all information management projects, with a focus on BCDR planning and management, your company would still be at risk of failure following a disaster.

Secure, reliable digital archiving

There are no uniform legal regulations on digital archiving. Given that tax and commercial law allows the storage of relevant documents in a digital archive, civil law does not (fully) recognize a digital archive of the same quality as a certificate.

A suitable digital archive must include a log, a password-protected system, a protected database and the use of an unalterable storage medium. The digitally archived document thus obtains the same legal status. In other words, the document counts as proof of trust.

However, only the qualified electronic signature raises the electronic document to the status of a certificate. It also protects it against counterfeiting and unequivocally verifies its authenticity. Therefore, it is more reliable than a conventional signature.

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