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Forms of any kind and invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using a solution that helps both, specialized departments in the financial area and people who order and receive goods or services.

The solution proposed for implementation allows the creation of workflows that will transform the reception, identification and processing of invoices into automated activities. Any field in an invoice can be identified and read and the information can be passed through automatic verification filters to be transferred to employees for final validation.


  • Access of vendor invoices in the system through a single, secure point eliminating the loss, delay or hijacking of invoices within the organization by securing processes, eliminating redundancies and lost time, also real-time visibility of the flow of invoices in the organization.
  • Automatic extraction of the requested information through advanced OCR technologies with their verification and validation in the core system in real time obtaining 100% correct information uploaded in the ERP system.
  • Integrated system with several OCR engines and voting on results with dynamic and progressive ability to learn the content of documents resulting in automation of internal validation of supplier invoices, maximizing processing speed and minimizing the risk of human factor intervention.
  • Flexible, scalable services built on SLA and customized needs with in-site or off-site variants resulting in 100% visibility on costs and their adaptation to the volume of works.
  • Integration with document management applications generating document flows automation and real-time monitoring of the system thus obtaining the operational and commercial efficiency of the entire organization.
  • Additional offer of fully electronic alternative invoice processing system based on a vendor portal with functions of matching with EDI rules, with the final result in 100% automation of the vendor invoice processing process.
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