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Automatic activity flows

Workflow is the automation of business processes so that documents, information and tasks are passed from one employee to another to perform activities, in accordance with a set of predefined rules.

For maximum efficiency, an analysis of the data flow is required in order to identify the paths taken by the documents. These paths are called workflows and to be easier to understand they are also represented graphically.

It is addressed in particular to the accounting and sales departments, offering the possibility to carefully monitor the invoices issued and received, without wasting precious time browsing files.

t addresses especially the legal departments and streamlines the company’s activity, from simple requests for updating documents, to complex examination and approval processes.

The flow simplifies the implementation of any procedure involving certain steps, actions or conditions. Participants in the process can be notified by e-mail for the necessary actions, but also in the application.

It is easy to check the status of a contract. All steps in a stream are recorded in a stream history.

It is addressed, first of all, to the procurement departments. This flow provides the tools needed to be efficient, allows you to focus on what needs to be done, while the details of the process, rules, participants or flow are in the care of the person setting up the platform.

It is a flow that has as addressability the general management of a company. The standardization and automation of work procedures is closely related to the objectives they must achieve and must be a tool to facilitate the achievement of these objectives. For this reason, operational procedures must contain all the key activities required and the times at which they must be carried out.

It is the most common management method used by a manager in his activity, its quality significantly influencing the quality of management, because it is directly involved in the exercise of managerial functions: forecasting, organization, coordination, motivation – training and control – evaluation.

The solution allows obtaining a system for automating the settlement of debit instruments, respectively checks, bills of exchange and promissory notes.

Basically, the solution facilitates both the activity of the team and of the customers of a bank, as the processing time of a document through this application is reduced by 40%.

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