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Energy Control

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Secure collection and destruction in accordance with the law

Secure destruction of documents

We destroy documents whose retention period has expired. Paper documents and bookshelves are placed in shredding machines by means of a conveyor belt, where they are shredded and then baled. The resulting bales are delivered to paper companies for recycling purposes. Destruction of documents can be done in the presence of your company’s delegate. Following the process of shredding the documents, we recycle the resulting waste and issue a Certificate of Destruction.

The transport of documents will be carried out in safe and secure conditions in containers and own machines.

The operations performed are:

taking over the boxes with documents for destruction

destruction of documents by shredding and / or mixed fragmentation

handing over the documents to the authorized collector – final recycler

After the secure destruction, the paper waste will be handed over, based on Law 211/2012, to companies authorized to collect and recycle this type of waste.

Secure destruction of optical media

There is certainly no doubt that a normal deletion of a file is not a permanent loss, and the information can be recovered. Also, the partial hardware destruction of the storage medium is not a permanent loss of information

We perform the physical destruction of storage media – HDD, SSD, DVD, credit and debit cards and any other types of plastic cards, tokens.

Secure destruction of textiles

We also offer specialized services for the secure destruction of special regime textile products – branded uniforms (eg police, firefighters, aviation uniforms, etc.)

Upon receipt of the request for confidential destruction, our staff will travel to your premises, pick up the uniforms and transport them safely to the place of destruction. A representative of the Beneficiary will supervise the activity throughout the actual loading, transport and destruction operations. We issue a certificate of confidential destruction.

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