Security Printing

With more than 40 years of experience in security printing we are accredited to print certificates, tax stamps, pharmaceutical authentication labels, Bank checks, discount & gift coupons, prepaid products as well as many other high security products. Certified by Integraf in 2 production sites we guarantee high secure products and trust. Some of our biggest references are Athens Olympic Games 2004, Doha Asian Games 2006, tobacco tax stamps, pharmaceutical authentication labels and high security ballot sheets in different countries.

Security Printing

Digital Paper

We offer solutions for Smart Ticketing, Brand protection and Product Authentication by connecting products & documents with the digital world. Using RFID & NFC technology we combine different types of tags and papers in order to comply with any system application.

  • Smart ticketing

A wide range of products in different business sectors like Public Transportation, Ferries, Theaters, Cinemas and Events.

  • Brand protection

Counterfeiting affects all markets and businesses in the world (pharmaceutical, automotive, cosmetics..etc). We produce labels, tags and documents to track genuine products through the supply chain and protect customers against fraud.

  • Product authentication

Our expertise in secure identification allow us to design and produce secure documents with embedded chip and give the opportunity to our customers to authenticate them over the web.  

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