2C – to Connect

NAUTILUS 2C enables companies to remotely control real-time the environmental characteristics of their coolers, freezers or refrigerated warehouses, and if applicable their movement.  Energy losses are substantially reduced by quickly discovering temperature fluctuations, promoting stability in desired conditions and enabling better control of remote warehouses or freezers. For movable coolers or fridges, companies can benefit from the reduction of unauthorized movement of the asset, which results to theft prevention, and from improved quality and placement of products

2C is an integrated solution, which includes all the necessary infrastructure and telemetry equipment installed in your refrigerators or warehouses. The telemetry device, using a private global mobile network, transmits your refrigerator’s operating data to a web-based user portal. The users, through the customer portal, get access to dashboards dedicated to their needs, reports as well as current and historic data regarding the asset conditions.

More importantly, our solution enables real time notifications, sent via SMS or email, on any violations of the pre-configured acceptable conditions (e.g. temperature/humidity ranges etc.).  This puts you on a complete control of your assets, from any point, globally.

Solution Components

  • Multiple sensors: According to need (i.e. temperature, humidity, door opening etc.)
  • Devices: Being paired in a unique way with a global/local SIM providing secure communications
  • Nautilus Portal: offering single window view; web based, user-friendly application
  • Alerts/Notifications: including event driven alerts communicated via & communicated via SMS, email
  • Reporting: Being tailored to business needs within the Nautilus Portal or via BI Tools
  • Vodafone Network:  Providing secure connectivity with the footprint of a global partner

Key Features

  • Location Tracking (GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing and Cell-id.)
  • Environmental conditions monitoring
  • Immediate alerts (via email or SMS)
  • Reporting (incl. historical reports & actionable data)
  • BI Analytics
  • Single view, user friendly web portal with various dashboards
  • Secure global connectivity

Key Benefits

  • Easier monitoring of remote assets and conditions
  • Decrease Asset loss/theft due to movement-based alerts
  • Guarantee product quality – Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce Maintenance costs and power consumption
  • Comply to international standards & regulations (HACCP)
  • Collect reliable sales statistics and KYC info
  • Footfall Vs Door opening: Choose perfect POS – Increase sales
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