Custom Solutions

Our company, for more than 120 years, is a market leader in developing custom end-to-end solutions, tailored to our client’s needs.

Today, true visibility into movement of goods is still minimal and mostly done via manual processes. This results in logistics blind spots for the shippers and lengthy audit trails. Data about the status of assets – if recorded – is about when goods reach certain checkpoints. Meanwhile companies lack the visibility and control over where their assets are real time, whether carriers are providing promised service levels, and where bottlenecks and inefficiencies are in the supply chain. Real time visibility is the key in making your logistics processes more hassle free and cost effective than ever before.

With a focus on secure asset tracking and supply chain monitoring, Nautilus IoT, offers secure customized solutions that guarantee to put you in control

The key benefits of our IoT devices are the following:

  • Create smarter, digital twins per asset.
  • Monitor real time and remotely the digital footprint of the asset – not the physical asset itself
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Empower your operations with automation
  • Securely and seamlessly integrate into your current IT and logistics operations
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