Custom Solutions

Our company, for more than 120 years, is a market leader in developing custom end-to-end solutions, tailored to our client’s needs.

With our IoT platform, you can benefit from the large variety of customized and powerful dashboards for KPIs, the map displays with asset status for operations, alerts and notifications, reports, data analytics and many more.

Key features

  • Customized dashboards and plethora of sensors and metrics.
  • Instant alerts and variety of reports.
  • Secure integration with your IT systems. Data from our platform can be sent to your ERP/CRM through APIs (Application Program Interfaces) so you can manage your assets through your own infrastructure but also in reverse, data from your IT systems can show on our platform (dashboards, grid, map, reports) adding a new dimension to your data.
  • Latest security protocols and safety standards and techniques.
  • SaaS or on premises installation. With the Global SIMs we can guarantee that your IoT devices will deliver their data from any part of the world you choose to activate them.