Energy Control

Nautilus Energy Control IoT solution, allows real-time electricity consumption monitoring that enables companies to:

  • Drive efficiencies through savings
  • Adopt a ‘green’ energy policy
  • Optimize maintenance
  • Streamline operations and billing systems.
  • Eliminate energy loss and theft

The equipment provided for the real-time electricity monitoring is a polyphase smart electricity meter designed for smart residential and mid-size commercial environments with the following characteristics:

Key features

  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G
  • IP58 rating
  • Absolute measurement of active energy & power
  • Instantaneous values of Voltage, Current & Power
  • Two way (“energy“) measurements


In addition to the hardware, Nautilus Energy Control solution is equipped with a platform that offers a variety of grids and dashboards, informing the user of the total energy consumed (kWh), the current power, the voltage and the status of the meter.

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