Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Benefits of Internet of Things in Fleet Management

  • Easier and Efficient Operations

Our solution embodies the very definition of evolution in this arena with new tools, like in-vehicle streaming camera, driver mobile apps etc. making communication easier and prompt. Scheduling, load management, driver and vehicle tracking, and effective routing are some additional benefits offered by this game changing technology

Besides GPS based tools, Fleet Management solution also covers advanced applications such as weather APIs, traffic reporting, smart parking, maintenance monitoring, driving behavior monitoring etc.

  • Process automation

As devices are interconnected and work as part of an integrated process, an automatic flow can be set up with regards to the daily logistics processes and trip planning.  Daily operations can be transferred into the cloud, which means that remote tracking of fleets at any time from any place, is not only feasible, but an absolute necessity.

  • Holistic data analysis

Various sensors from all the connected devices provide an invaluable resource of data. This enables fleet management companies to get useful insights into driver behavior, adherence and compliance to laws (even by geolocating territorial boundaries), etc.

Their function is not just to gather data, but to also identify potential unseen problems in performance sections and then run diagnostics related to those processes and equipment.

Basic features

With the Fleet Control solutions you can have:

  • Omnichannel experience
  • Dynamic map presentation
  • Fuel Consumption reports
  • Temperature measurement for refrigerated tracks
  • Driver safety dashboards, measuring and analyzing his performance
  • Meaningful data analytics through customized dashboards , producing tailored reports via email
  • Alerts & notifications per user for any speed, timetable & geofence or off-limit sensor data.
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