Secure Communication

The IoT industry, is expected to have a remarkable growth over the next years, with a projection of approximately 75 billion connected devices. Coupled with the rapidly evolving cyber-threat landscape and cyber-attacks, it becomes an inevitable need for every corporation to minimize these risks and keep the communication between its IoT devices, secure.

As a best practice, companies should protect their devices and known vulnerabilities, such as TCP/UDP ports, open serial ports, open passwords web servers and radio connections. In addition to devices and ports, companies need to ensure that the networks they use for IoT are secure. This includes a stronger user authentication and access control mechanism to make sure that only authorized users can gain access to networks and data.

Stemming from Austriacard the creator of ACOS, a native operating system, already available for contact based, contact less and dual interface solutions Nautilus takes security very seriously and has included security all the way from design to the end user in all our solutions.

We offer device pairing in a unique way with a global/local SIM to provide secure communications through a private APN. Multi-tiered end-to-end secure architecture supporting GBA (SIM trust) while all our local Data centers conforming to all EU standards.

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