Press Releases

SV & AUSTRIACARD a successful partnership for another five years!

AUSTRIACARD has been awarded – through an European wide tender procedure – with the contract for the new generation of the Austrian health cards and thus the successful partnership with ‘Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutes’ is renewed for another 5 years.

AUSTRIACARD receives PCI DSS certification

Vienna, April 2017 – Using your banking card to secure your Gmail or Facebook account is no futuristic idea any more. AUSTRIACARD became the first company globally to offer fully-fledged, multi-application smart cards, supporting the newest MasterCard MChip Advance and FIDO U2F on ONE dual interface token. FIDO is a new authentication standard that uses a second factor to authenticate the user and to counter password theft.

INFORM top notch partner for Nigeria Elections

INFORM was assigned and successfully carried out the production of security ballots in the presidential elections held on 23 February 2019 in Nigeria. The implementation …

Vodafone Innovus and AUSTRIACARD AG aspire to providing innovative IoT solutions of the highest security and intelligence

Vodafone Innovus, a subsidiary of Vodafone Greece specializing in IoT solutions and AUSTRIACARD AG, recognised for their highly secure IT and payment infrastructures have agreed …

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