Nautilus cold chain monitoring enables companies to remotely control in real-time the environmental characteristics of their coolers, freezers or refrigerated warehouses and if applicable their movement. For fixed assets this results to reducing substantially energy losses by quickly discovering temperature fluctuations, promoting stability in desired conditions and enabling better control of distributed/remote warehouses or freezers. For movable coolers or containers, a substantial benefit comes from the reduction of unauthorized movement of the assets or even preventing loss and by improving quality and placement of products.

Our solution empowers operations with automated remote monitoring on any  cold chain; with massive results on ensuring the optimal asset operation, reducing operational and maintenance costs and finally increasing sales. 

Solution Components 

  • Devices paired in a unique way with a global/local SIM to provide secure communications
  • Multiple sensors (i.e. temperature, humidity, door opening etc.) 
  • Nautilus Portal: Monitor your assets worldwide through a single window; web based and user-friendly application
  • Alerts/Notifications: Configure event driven alerts communicated via SMS, email and pop-ups, reporting and various dashboards depending on your business needs
  • Vodafone Network:  Rely on secure connectivity with the footprint of a global partner 

Key Features

  • Support of multiple sensors per device to measure all elements that are important per case
  • Configurable application that can be tailored to each industry’s needs 
  • Remote managing of assets through various commands (i.e. reduce the temperature remotely) 
  • Unauthorized movement status
  • Reports and BI customized to the needs of the various departments 
  • Secure communications and data handling throughout the entire solution
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